Mount IMG as DVD.

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Mount IMG as DVD.

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Running Toast 8 on my old Powerbook G4, I used to be able to drag the contents of a DVD movie from the inserted DVD, turn it into an IMG [or was it a bin?] with toast and the store it on an external NAS drive saving space. There after... I could 'right click' the file "mount' it under 'services'... and it would appear on my desktop as a DVD icon, which of cause I could play with Apple's DVD player.

However although I have loaded Toast 8 on my MBP 2010, there is no 'Mount' under services... this could be because I need to update the software, I'm not sure. Either way going through the same process of dragging the files [vts] off of a DVD, I create an image with Toast or 'Disk Utilities'. But now using DiskImageMounter.App to mount it, it not only takes ages 'verifying' the image [which it never used to do] but when mounted only offers me a white box on my Desktop, and not a DVD for me to play.

Anyone know how I can mount files as DVDs as I once use to, even with my old G4 Powerbook?

In Christ Jesus, Karl.