Yosemite Install Drive

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Yosemite Install Drive

Post by Karlos »

As the subject line suggests, I want to make an install drive of Yosemite.
I haven't a 8GB USB handy so partitioned 20GB of an external drive.

I'm thinking about using the "DiskMaker X 4b4" to simplify the job...

The question I have, is how do I download Yosemite on a system I don't want to install it on?
All I get in the App Store is a button to upgrade to Yosemite, I want to download the whole thing to do a clean install on an external Hard Drive. I want to build a eternal system to make sure even thing is working right before I copy the drive to my Mac's hard drive.

So how to I download the whole install, and not install it so that I can use it to create an install disk.

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Re: Yosemite Install Drive

Post by Lurkanadian »

Just download it here.

It's 5.6 gigs, so depending on your connection it may take a while.

After it's downloaded, move it out of the Applications folder to another drive or partition.
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Re: Yosemite Install Drive

Post by cunty_baws »

\i/ oo

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Re: Yosemite Install Drive

Post by cccc »

Otherwise you could always turn to the local Apple expert in your neck of the woods...Ceebs :mrgreen:
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